President & CEO, Jorge Colin

In October 1982 Tom, Carol and John Stoddard established Stoddard’s Furniture Service, honing their craft through residential furniture restoration and architectural wood touch-up on cruise ships.

Almost by accident they found their niche when asked by a satisfied residential client to service the furniture at his place of business. It didn’t take long for them to figure out that commercial office properties were filled with architectural wood and quickly set out to become the go-to company for all commercial wood care needs.
Property managers and building owners quickly discovered the value, both visually and financially, in maintaining the architectural wood in their buildings with touch-up. Over the years Stoddard’s has earned several acknowledgements from TOBY award winning clients and more recently has been recognized as a key vendor by clients qualifying for LEED certification.

2004 was a big year for the company as they incorporated changing their name to Stoddard’s Restoration Services, Inc. and celebrated the long-deserved retirement of Tom and Carol Stoddard.

With John leaning into the commercial property segment of the business the company continued to flourish, withstanding a recession and global pandemic. In 2022, as the company celebrated 40 successful years in business, it was clear that a plan for succession needed to be put into place and there was one obvious choice. Jorge Colin had worked his way up through the company to Account Manager and brought a new and exciting energy to the Stoddard’s management team, making the decision an easy one. Jorge would become the new leader of Stoddard’s Restoration Services.

Jorge started off as a touch-up technician with Stoddard’s while attending college. He had little, to no experience with wood touch-up/restoration. However, he learned quick to master the art of touch-up with the help of his fellow technicians. After several years working at Stoddard’s, Jorge graduated with a degree in Construction Management at CSULB in 2022. Seeing the value and integrity of this business, Jorge made it his mission to one day lead Stoddard’s Restoration Services.

The extraordinary staff, led by President and CEO Jorge Colin, continues to provide the high standards and quality workmanship the Stoddard’s name has become known for.

I would not be in the place I am today without John’s trust in me. Stephani and Joe have supported and believed in me since day one, and of course the group of talented technicians who have taught me their skills and watched me grow. I thank every, one of them very much.
– Jorge Colin